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Compare RealtyJuggler with Howard and Friends

Howard and Friends has the distinction of being the first REALTOR Contact Management program ever created. It was released as a Microsoft DOS program in 1983 and quickly gained a following due to its simplicity of operation. As computer technology transitioned to Microsoft Windows, Howard and Friends was slow to capitalize on that trend and eventually was acquired in 1996 by OnTrac Computer systems. The software is now sold as an old-school double-clickable Microsoft Windows application. The name has changed to Agents 1st (First) Choice.

Howard and Friends / Agents First Choice is now available as a Microsoft Windows application that you install on your computer and is sold for $149. This price does not include technical support, upgrades, or the cost of maintaining a redundant copy of your data in the event of hard drive failure. The company does sell a hosted version, which will store your data on their servers for $191 / year, plus a $29.95 set-up fee. None of these costs include technical support or upgrade costs. The costs of upgrades are likely to be low, as Howard and Friends is rarely upgraded. The cost of technical support is $79 per incident.

RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software takes a fundamentally different approach. RealtyJuggler is an Internet based product. There is no software to install, as the software runs from a web browser. You can access from any computer in seconds. Since it runs from a web browser, you can also use any device you like - such as a Macintosh, Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), iPAD, iPhone, Google Android SmartPhone or any other device which has a modern web browser. All data is redundantly backed up, so you are never at risk in the event of a hard drive failure. The cost for RealtyJuggler is $179 / year / user. That is an all-inclusive price and includes technical support, upgrades as well as redundant off-site backup of your data. There are no extra add-ins to purchase or set-up fees. This price is guaranteed to never go up as long as you keep your Membership current.

Included with RealtyJuggler is the ability to synchronize contacts and appointments with Google Gmail. Realtors can synchronize with any smart phone they like, including Google Android, iPhone, Blackberry, as well as Windows 7 SmartPhones.

RealtyJuggler has been around since 2004. That's not as long as Howard and friend's 1983. However, youth does have its advantages. RealtyJuggler is a modern web-based application. It runs quickly and runs on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Google Android SmartPhone and the iPAD. RealtyJuggler adheres to internet Web 2.0 standards such as HTML5. As a result, when new devices are invented, RealtyJuggler will run on them as well.

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Are you wondering if RealtyJuggler has enough features for you? RealtyJuggler includes a comprehensive letter library, over one hundred flyers, and can synchronize with your smartphone.
Most importantly, you can schedule follow-up calls and build a daily call list to incubate and convert leads into deals.

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