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Compare RealtyJuggler with LionDesk

Which is better?

Now that Liondesk has been acquired by Lone Wolf Technologies, can they still compete with the nimble RealtyJuggler Real Estate CRM? Find out which vendor is still innovating.

Free Trial:
Starter: $299/year
Premier: $999/year
Phone Technical Support:
Concierge Onboarding:
1-on-1 Training:
Valet Import:
Transaction Management:
User Interface:
Busy & Complex
Streamlined & Simple
Google Sync Contacts & Calendar:
Yes - does not sync notes
Can use Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL as your Email address:
Letter Library:
Yes - Handful
Animated eCards:
Video Emails:
Track Commissions:
Track Expenses:
Real-Estate Calculators:
SMS Texting & Call Capture:
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Custom Letterhead Design:
RealtyJuggler system

About RealtyJuggler system

SmartPhone synchronization is just one part of the RealtyJuggler system. RealtyJuggler is a Realtor's virtual Swiss Army Knife. Track Deals, Prospects, Open Houses, Lockboxes, Expenses, Calculate Commissions, Print Mailing Labels, do Drip mail, Bulk Email, and much more.

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Executive Summary - LionDesk Alternative

One difference between RealtyJuggler and Liondesk is in pricing. RealtyJuggler membership is a simple $179 / year. Liondesk is sold with tiered pricing with live human technical support only available for those who pay for the most expensive tier. The most popular Liondesk package is $999 / year, which is 6x more expensive than RealtyJuggler.

Both products contain similar core Real Estate CRM features. However, RealtyJuggler is far more capable in tracking your deals, income, showing feedback, and expenses.

In May 2021, Lone Wolf Software acquired LionDesk. Since the acquisition, no upgrades have been made or announced to LionDesk. In 2024 Lone Wolf Software announced that they are developing a new integrated CRM that works with Lone Wolf's other components. The future of LionDesk as a standalone CRM is currently in question. Liondesk reviews since the acquisition report that the software is glitchy and that technical support is poor.

In comparison, RealOrganized, Inc. has owned and operated RealtyJuggler since its inception in 2004 and regularly updates the product. The entire focus of RealtyJuggler is their Real Estate CRM. This focus means that RealtyJuggler members can rest assured that there are no conflicts of interest or loss of focus.

One last difference between LionDesk and RealtyJuggler is that RealtyJuggler offers fantastic technical support. Included with your trial and membership is complimentary one-on-one training, free set-up of your account including letterhead installation, and assistance getting your leads loaded into the system. RealtyJuggler trained support staff will answer the phone and help you immediately. Excellent technical support is critical to making any system work and is often overlooked when making a purchase decision.


About RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software

Are you wondering if RealtyJuggler Realtor Software has enough features for you? RealtyJuggler includes a comprehensive letter library, over one hundred flyers, and can synchronize with both Google Contacts and Calendar.
Most importantly, you can schedule follow-up calls and build a daily call list to incubate and convert leads into deals.

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