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Advantage xi
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$250/year. First year free.
FREE and automatic.
Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows only
Microsoft Windows, and Mac, iOS, & Android
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Multi-User Capability:
$120/year (limited capability)
Included (full on-line cloud-based system)
Browser Based:
Data Backups:
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Advantage xi is published by Mark-It Systems. This product has been serving real estate agents for over 20 years. RealtyJuggler has a similar core feature set and is built upon a newer Internet foundation, while Advantage xi has a Microsoft Windows heritage.

The largest distinction between the two products is the underlying technology. RealtyJuggler is an Internet based service. To use, just sign onto the secure web site and you are ready to work. No installation or upgrading of software is required.

Advantage xi is an old-school double-clickable application.

So, if you are looking for an old-school Microsoft Windows application, where the database resides on your local hard drive, Agent xi, might be what you are looking for. If you are looking for a modern web application, then RealtyJuggler might be just up your alley. Selecting a contact management package is about picking something that works for YOU and that you will enjoy using. Both products offer a free trial, allowing you to spend a few minutes to do a comparison yourself.


About RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software

Are you wondering if RealtyJuggler has enough features for you? RealtyJuggler includes a comprehensive letter library, over one hundred flyers, and can synchronize with Google Contacts and Calendar.
Most importantly, you can schedule follow-up calls and build a daily call list to incubate and convert leads into deals.

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