Zahid Moghal Goes Commercial with RealtyJuggler Real Estate CRM

Toronto, Ontario - Jan 9, 2023 - Zahid Moghal is a commercial agent in Toronto who has been using RealtyJuggler Real Estate CRM for the last 9 years to manage his Real Estate business. Zahid has been pleased with the flexibility of RealtyJuggler to work for both residential as well as commercial real estate. "My business is built on service and trust – my clients choose me because I answer their questions and take care of their concerns. That is what separates me from other commercial agents. I don't advertise - my business mostly comes through referrals and repeat business."


Zahid started off as a residential agent. After forming a partnership with a friend, he took advantage of the multi-user capability of RealtyJuggler to collaborate and coordinate with his partner. When his partnership dissolved 4 years ago, Zahid became a commercial agent. Having been pleased with RealtyJuggler's residential real estate capabilities, he decided to see if RealtyJuggler would also work for his commercial real estate business. He was was pleasently suprised at the flexibility of RealtyJuggler and its ability to adapt to the different needs of a commercial real estate agent. Zahid particularly likes the large variety of features offered by RealtyJuggler. He manages his expenses, syncs his calendar to his phone via Google Sync. He can stay on top of his leads and prospects by keeping good notes and scheduling follow-up activities and calls. Zahid also likes the affordable price. Most real estate CRMs for Commercial Real Estate Agents are quite costly. "But cost really is secondary – I wouldn't use RealtyJuggler if it wasn't for your customer service."

Zahid keeps two RealtyJuggler accounts, one for himself and one for his assistant who helps to add new leads to the database, including notes about the client's needs. Having a solid real estate CRM is crucial to Zahid's business. "In the short term it is easy to remember a client's details, but let's say someone calls me back a month or two months later. I may not remember everything, but with RealtyJuggler I have my detailed notes and they are delighted that I remember them and their needs."

Zahid went on to say "I think the key feature of RealtyJuggler is having many features all in one app. There is a lot of easy-to-use software out there, but none that have all of the features of RealtyJuggler."

About RealtyJuggler - RealtyJuggler is a cloud-based real estate software product for real estate agents and REALTORS. The software can be used for prospecting, touching past clients, transaction management and much more. RealtyJuggler is sold on a membership basis for $179 per year. It is multi-user and contains numerous features designed specifically for real estate, including transaction management, listing feedback, DRIP Letters, real-estate flyers, the ability to print mailing labels and much more.

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