Lance Sings His Way to Success with RealtyJuggler CRM

ST PETERSBURG, Fla. - Sept. 2, 2019 - Lance Lubin and his wife MJ are the owners of Team Realty, a real estate brokerage in St Petersburg, Florida. They have been sending birthday cards and singing "Happy Birthday" for over 20 years and have seen nothing but positive feedback from clients. "It's sad but it's also amazing how we will call people and they will say, 'you know, you're the only people to call us today, even our kids didn't call.'"


Lance uses the RealtyJuggler Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to track the details of his client's lives and to keep in touch. Lance explains: "We have everybody's birthday recorded and we have an administrative assistant who takes care of the card end of it. But of course, it (the task list in RealtyJuggler) notifies her in advance when the birthdays are going to be. So, she prepares all the birthday cards at the beginning of the month and mails them out to each client 3 or 4 days in advance so that on the day of the birthday they get their card."

Not only do Lance and MJ send birthday cards, but they also call clients on those special occasions. "We call them up - when I say we, I mean my wife and I. We sing 'Happy Birthday' to them."

This is natural use of Lance's talent – he is an active Barbershop quartet singer.

These birthday calls help Lance touch base with his clients and gives him a great excuse to chat with and assist them with buying or selling a home.

Lance says: "You call somebody up and you wish them a happy birthday, and then what else is there to it? It's coupled with something I originally heard from Dale Carnegie about how to have a conversation with somebody. You know how you sometimes get trapped at a wedding table or something like that and you're sharing space or you're sharing time with someone you don't know what to talk about? Well, Dale Carnegie always recommended what he called the "FORD Method." So that's the acronym, to help you remember it: Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams. So, you say to somebody, "Hey, how's the family?" and they talk, talk, talk. And then you say, "Oh, how are things going at the job, and they talk, talk, talk. And then you say, "What are you guys doing for fun," and they talk. And then you say, "Do you have any plans coming up?" So just by asking those four questions and letting people talk, they think you're the greatest conversationalist ever." Tracking their special dates and keeping copious notes in RealtyJuggler helps the Lubin Team stay on track.

After years of sending cards and singing "Happy Birthday," Lance's calls have become a key component of his reputation as an agent who cares, but almost unexpectedly, they've also become an integral part of his clients' lives as well.

"The funny thing about it is, we've been doing this so many years there is one guy in particular where we call him on his birthday, he sees that it's us on caller id and he just says, 'start singing.'"

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