Jerry Garner Wins More Listings Using RealtyJuggler Real Estate CRM

Covina, California - Sept 13, 2021 - Jerry Garner, Realtor™, Realty ONE Group Masters, uses RealtyJuggler, a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), to sell more homes for his current and former clients. "If you don't have a database, you have a hobby not a business." He went on to say: "People don't use their previous real estate agent to sell because they lose track of them and forget who they are." Kellie, who is Jerry's wife, makes sure that he is memorable through their extensive print and email marketing follow-up with each client.


Jerry credits Kellie for the much of the hard work that goes into selling past clients their next home. They keep in continual communication throughout the year with their top 1000 clients in RealtyJuggler by sending new home listing announcements for their neighborhood the same time every month, greeting cards for holidays, friending them on Facebook, as well as sending articles about Jerry’s clients that tell the story of that client, highlighting how Jerry works. They spend even more time keeping in touch with their top 100 people, physically mailing them Real Estate related news and including his business card each time. This all happens on a timetable that they stick to, through thick and thin. "If you don't have a schedule, you don't have a business, you have a hobby."

Part of that consistency is the work they put into social networking including regular Facebook posts and live steams. Jerry calls his customers regularly, providing balance to the marketing that Kellie does. His networking extends far beyond his client list, and he is very active in his community both as a volunteer and as an officer with their local Chamber of Commerce.

Jerry has been a real estate agent since 2008 and has been with RealtyJuggler since 2013. The methods that Jerry and Kellie have developed work well for them, their level of effort and their business ethic: "Being consistent is better than being good." All of their effort results pays off in happy, repeat customers.

About RealtyJuggler - RealtyJuggler is a cloud-based real estate software product for real estate agents and REALTORS. The software can be used for prospecting, touching past clients, transaction management and much more. RealtyJuggler is sold on a membership basis for $99 per year. It is multi-user and contains numerous features designed specifically for real estate, including transaction management, listing feedback, DRIP Letters, real-estate flyers, the ability to print mailing labels and much more.

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