RealtyJuggler CRM Improves eCard Library

Windsor, Colorado - Sept 8, 2015 - RealOrganized, Inc. announced the addition of a new eCard library to RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software.

"A good real-estate agent needs to stay in front of their prospects and past clients. Sending an animated email Birthday or Merry Christmas greeting is the perfect way to say 'hi' without being annoying. Promotional or hard-sell emails may be tossed as spam, but everyone likes being wished a Happy Birthday." explained Quin Leach, RealOrganized, Inc.'s Director of Sales and Customer Support.

The new eCards include topics as diverse as: daylight saving time, home anniversaries, congratulations on purchasing a new home, get well cards, sorry cards, thank you cards, open house and more. These new eCards add to the already existing library of eCards for common holidays and occassions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and more.

This latest upgrade is the fourth in the last 12 months, and represents the fastest pace of innovation for RealtyJuggler since its release in 2004. Recent upgrades have included the ability to embed video tutorials into emails, an improved drip letter library, and major improvements in feeding and loading leads automatically into RealtyJuggler. All RealtyJuggler upgrades are automatically applied and included with membership.

About RealtyJuggler - RealtyJuggler is a cloud-based real estate software product for real estate agents and REALTORS. The software can be used for prospecting, touching past clients, managing transactions and much more. RealtyJuggler is sold on a membership basis at an affordable price. It is multi-user and contains numerous features designed specifically for real estate, including transaction management, listing feedback, DRIP Letters, real-estate flyers, the ability to print mailing labels and much more.

RealtyJuggler is distinguished from its competition through a unique twin focus on ease-of-use and low cost.

About RealOrganized, Inc. - RealOrganized was founded in 2003 by a former executive from AOL and a top real estate agent, each with over a dozen years experience in their respective fields. The company's mission is to create the simplest and most affordable organizational software for the real estate industry. Visit
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