Chris Melts the Ice with RealtyJuggler CRM

Ogden, Utah – December 5th, 2019 - Chris Jenkins, a real estate agent with Refined Real Estate, has a unique way of keeping top-of-mind with his clients - he delivers "Winter Survival Kits" to his clients. The centerpiece of his kits is a large bag of ice melt, which is used on concrete walks to keep them safe and ice-free.

Portrait IceMelt

"I’ve gotten a lot of positive reactions from my kits, and even delivering to remote locations is worth it as I just got 2 referrals from a past client" says Chris.

Chris uses RealtyJuggler Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to keep track of his client’s contact information and especially their home addresses. Printing his category of past clients sorted by postal code from within RealtyJuggler lets him create the list that he works from, reducing overall trip times for his deliveries. Chris explained that this one promotion between summer selling and the holidays was his most important contact with his clients.

"I have clients from Logan to Provo, so planning my trips is very important as I can only load so many bags at once in the back of my SUV." Chris says.

Hitting upon a good promotional plan wasn’t easy. Chris explained that "Branded things can be awkward as they often don’t get used. I think ice melt works better as they keep it on their front porch – it becomes a talking point for any visitors to their house and makes my clients into advocates for my business."

Hitting upon Winter Survival Kits as a unique gift was a matter of being open to opportunity. "I first got the idea when I saw ice melt on sale for pennies on the dollar at my local hardware store after snow season was over. I bought all they had. My wife wasn’t super excited about the pallets of ice melt in the garage over the summer, but she came up with the color and type of ribbon that we used and even the greeting card that we include with my business card. The brand of ice melt has a bear logo on the bag, so she came up with the message: Here is something to make your Winter more Bear-able. Thank you for your continued support."

These deliveries give Chris a chance to talk with his clients in person and renew his relationships, reminding them that he is a great real-estate agent. Of course, he updates their details in RealtyJuggler, preparing for next year. "I may not use every feature in RealtyJuggler, but keeping track of these kit deliveries separates me from other agents."

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