Bob Licher Grows His Real Estate Business One Friend at a Time

Windsor, Colorado - June 1, 2019 - For Real Estate agent Bob Licher, building and maintaining long-term relationships is the key to his success.


"It is obviously a relationship business, keeping the customer service on point, and just to remember that we are in the service industry as well. Marketing and prospecting obviously comes with it. But at the end of the day, just keeping those relationships in-tune and keeping our team in-tune, and everyone playing on-point there."

For over 14 years, Bob has helped clients buy and sell homes throughout Colorado's Front Range area. Bob is a staple of the Real Estate community, known for his vibrant personality and personal attention to clients' needs. Although he's been a part of "big box shops," Bob has found his greatest success after launching his own brokerage and building his own team.

With his own company, Bob has found his niche by relying on his welcoming personality, frequent client “touches,” and past experiences as a musician to set him apart in the Real Estate world and continually drive sales.

"I used to play in a band years ago - different lifetime," Bob explains. "And so there is a lot of parallels."

Bob sees the genesis of his ability to tune in to his customer’s needs stemming from his experience with performing live. Being on the stage helped grow Bob's confidence, but it was his many interactions with new audiences that helped him gain experience in speaking with strangers as well identifying their needs.

"Over the years. I've learned that you have to feel the room when you are playing. If it is a dive bar and you are not feeling the room then you will not really build those relationships or get people on the dance floor, whatever your goal is. I think Real Estate is a lot of the same way where you have to really feel the way the room is coming from."

With a combination of phone calls, prewritten ready-to-send emails, and targeted marketing, Bob stays in continuous communication with clients, building and strengthen his relationships with them. Frequent touches during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions helps to remind his clients he's ready to help, even if they might not in the market at the moment. It's this personal hands-on approach that helps to set him apart from other agents and develop relationships that lead to increased sales.

Finding a CRM that matches his relationship-focused style hasn't always been easy for Bob. "I have tried out probably every shiny object that gets thrown at us as Real Estate agents," Bob says. "And you know what is so great about RealtyJuggler is the process is almost forcing you to walk through a certain process to keep you and keep your systems in place and keep you teamed up. Not only from the transactional side, your lead generation and your prospecting.”

Bob's team also benefits from a CRM that grants him the ability to oversee their marketing, follow-up, and deal tracking. This ensures his special approach is being applied to every new lead and potential client. Having the capability of confirming his team is following his distinctive strategy and seeing those results, allows Bob to know where their efforts are paying off, or to change tactics of something isn't working.

With an monthly email open rate of 55% and increased client responses, Bob can see his high-touch approach is working.

All this leads Bob to his favorite part of his job. "Helping them accomplish their goal; living through it with them, and just seeing them get to their next chapter. We just love seeing them in a picture at their new house having a good time "

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