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No - generic CRM
Yes - Designed specifically for real estate
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No - only 5 generic letters
Yes - includes comprehensive pre-build library of eCards, 500+ letters, 35 drip sequences and 101 flyers
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Email only
Phone & Email

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Executive Summary - Review of Insightly and RealtyJuggler

RealtyJuggler contains a number of features that are specific to real-estate, such as a comprehensive real-estate specific drip letter library, flyers, tracking of open houses, showings, commissions, expenses, and lockboxes. Insightly has no real estate specific capabilities. It lacks a real-estate letter library. While RealtyJuggler allows for both email as well as printed letters, Insightly is limited to just email.

Insightly is a good fit for sophisticated users who do not need phone support. While it lacks real-estate specific capabilities, it does allow for extensive customization. RealtyJuggler is a good fit is for a real-estate agent who wants a CRM pre-configured for real estate. The emphasis on phone support and training makes it an ideal fit for a non-sophisticated agent looking for an inexpensive solution.


About RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software

Are you wondering if RealtyJuggler has enough features for you? RealtyJuggler includes a comprehensive letter library, over one hundred flyers, and can synchronize with both Google as well as Microsoft Outlook.
Most importantly, you can schedule follow-up calls and build a daily call list to incubate and convert leads into deals.

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