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Send Bulk Email, track unsubscribes, spam complaints, and opt-outs.


Feed leads from any web site that has a Contact-Me form - even IDX portals.


Send time-release sequences of Printed Letters and Emails (Drip mail). Email letters are automatically sent at designated date and time.


Print Mailing Labels using Avery label sheets, a label printer, or print directly on any envelope.


Print batches of mail-merged letters along with matching Labels or Envelopes.


Create Real Estate Flyers using RealtyJuggler's realtor flyer templates. Learn More 


Send us a company logo and portrait photo and we will build and install your letterhead branding.


Create your own Task Plans and reminders for following up with a prospect.


Import leads from any data source including RedX, your MLS, and tax records.


Mail merge emails or print Real Estate Letters using our extensive library of letters. Tweak the letters, or create your own.


RealtyJuggler is an easy-to-use organizer just for Real Estate agents. Our goal is to provide the simplest and most affordable solution possible, with all the features a busy Realtor needs.

The RealtyJuggler Real Estate Letter Library is an ideal way to build relationships with prospects, and maintain relationships with past clients.

RealtyJuggler system

About RealtyJuggler system

These letters are part of the RealtyJuggler system. RealtyJuggler is a Realtor's virtual Swiss Army Knife. Track Deals, Prospects, Open Houses, Lockboxes, Expenses, Calculate Commissions, Print Mailing Labels, do Drip mail, Bulk Email, and much more.

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