Borino Expired Plus Drip Letters & RealtyJuggler

Borino offers a marketing system for Expired listings called Expired Plus. This system comes with a variety of marketing materials including a Drip sequence of letters, postcards, and a schedule of follow-up calls that can be used to optimize your marketing to Expired listings.

RealtyJuggler is the ideal tool to fully take advantage of the Borino Expired Plus marketing system. We can load this Drip sequence into RealtyJuggler for you so that you can easily apply it to your new prospects.

For additional information on Borino Expired Plus Click Here For additional information on how you can use Expired Plus with RealtyJuggler, click on the Integration Guide link below.

Borino Expired Plus + RealtyJuggler Integration Guide

Tutorial 21 - Prospects Database
Tutorial 17 - Custom Drip Sequences
Tutorial 44 - Touch Cycle
Tutorial 11 - Mailing Labels/Envelopes