Comparison / Review Between Top Producer 7i ® / Top Producer 8i ® and an alternative called RealtyJuggler™

Top Producer RealtyJuggler
Free Trial:

30-Day Free trial
Unless cancelled, free-trial automatically
becomes a 1-year obligation

90-Day Free Trial
Lapsed free-trial costs nothing.
Free means free.
Free Trial Requires Credit Card: Yes No
Refund: Within 30 Days only. After 30 days, no refund. Pro-rated refund available at any time.
Agent Pricing: $479 / year $99 / year
Assistant Pricing: $300 / year $99 / year
Guaranteed Price Lock-In: No.
Price can change each year.
With an active Membership, will never increase.
Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer.
Other browsers offer limited functionality.
Any modern Internet Browser
Microsoft Windows Support Yes Yes
Macintosh Support: No Yes
User Interface: Slower and More Complex Faster and Simpler
Features: More. Harder to use. Fewer. Simpler to use.
Performance: Slower Faster
Mobile Access: Yes Yes
Google Contacts and Calendar Sync: Limited - Notes do not sync Yes
Microsoft Outlook Contacts and Calendar Sync: Limited - Notes do not sync Yes
Web Site 'Contact Me' Form Integration: Yes. Yes
Action / Task Plans: Yes Yes
DRIP Letters: Yes Yes
IMPORT Contacts from Top Producer 6, 7, 8, 8i: Yes Yes. Quick Transfer Instructions.
Flyer Templates: Yes.
Yes. 101 templates included.
Extremely easy to use.
Documentation: Limited printed manual. Limited video tutorials. Some videos and 'classes' cost extra. Comprehensive set of written documentation. There is also an extensive series of FREE video tutorials covering all of the capabilities of RealtyJuggler.
Phone Support: Yes Yes
E-Mail Support: Yes Yes


TopProducer has long been considered the gold standard for real estate contact management software, while at the same time gaining a well-deserved reputation as being complex and difficult to master. Pricing varies, starts at $479 / year but can go above $2,000 / year if extra options are purchased.

A typical Top Producer 8i real estate agent with an assistant, would pay $779 / year. In comparison, RealtyJuggler would cost $198 / year for an agent and an assistant, which is 1/4 the cost. You would think that such a large price difference would mean an equally large difference in capabilities. But that's not the case.

Both products offer free phone support and free upgrades. Both products have the features that are necessary for a busy agent. Top Producer has a few more, but a steeper learning curve comes with those extra features. RealtyJuggler is an excellent alternative to Top Producer, particularly for REALTORS on a budget who place a high priority on easy-to-use.

The most noticeable difference between RealtyJuggler and Top Producer is the simplicity of the user interface of RealtyJuggler. RealtyJuggler is focused on the 'average' agent, while Top Producer is focused on high-end 'top-producers'. The simplified RealtyJuggler user interface means faster load times and fewer screens to navigate. The complexity of Top Producer is legendary and is reflected in the mini-industry of after-market trainers and classes (for an extra charge) that are available. RealtyJuggler takes a different approach with straightforward and short YouTube training videos that walk through common tasks. Each video is just a few minutes long and reflects in real-time how long it would take to do the task - such as printing labels for Christmas cards.

Selecting a contact management package isn’t just about picking the product with the most features, or lowest price. Often there are matters of personal taste as well as the right mix of features to keep in mind. And, there’s one final thing to consider. The best real estate software is one that you will use regularly! Select something that works for YOU and that you will enjoy using. Both products are available on a trial basis and we recommend you review them both and compare for yourself.

There are four different versions of Top Producer in common use. "Top Producer 6i" is a Windows program that was discontinued in May 2006 and is no longer sold. "Top Producer 7i" is a Java/Internet based product that is in the process of being phased out. "Top Producer 8i" is for Microsoft Windows PC's. There is also a Mobile version. Each version of Top Producer has a different user interface and this has contributed greatly to the steep learning curve of using the product.

RealtyJuggler has been around since 2004. The product has been continually upgraded, with a major upgrade every three months. A full chronology of upgrades is available here. RealtyJuggler represents a fresh approach to real estate software, and is a particularly compelling choice for the value oriented agent looking for something that's easy-to-use. Most Real-estate agents are too busy to deal with complicated products that cost too much.

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